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   Turmeric for medicine, Saffron or turmeric (Curcuma Long linn) is a spice and medicinal plant from southeast Asia, spread to western Asia, Australia and Africa. Almost all the people of Indonesia, India and Asia had been taking both as a spice turmeric, drug or cosmetic

   Turmeric chemical constituents include carbohydrates (69.4%), protein (6.3%), fat (5.1%), minerals (3.5%), and moisture (13.1%). The essential oil (5.8%) is produced by steam distillation of the rhizomes are a-phellandrene (1%), sabinene (0.6%), cineol (1%), borneol (0.5%), zingiberene (25%) and sesquiterpines (53 %). Curcumin (diferuloylmethane) (3-4%) is the active component of turmeric that contribute to the color yellow, and consists of curcumin I (94%), curcumin II (6%) and curcumin III (0.3%).
  From the above data, turmeric extract has been tested against the hull of the wound and heal it can coat the stomach from irritation. Usually when we are sick stomach certainly to the doctor and taking medication. Drugs that we drink is a chemical drug that leaves sediment / residue that eventually accumulate in our bodies and it is obviously not good, and it will lead to other organ disorders. For people with stomach pain, like me, it is recommended to moved into herbal medicine that turmeric.

Do the following:
 Take turmeric 1 stick and peel and clean. grated or extract and then soak it with water and then filter and take the water yellow and give 2 tablespoons honey, drink 2 times a day in the morning and at night before bed.


        For acute stomach , do repetitive and drink water from washing rice before cooking. Remember that is not in polished rice, because rice is white polish clean already given by merchant rice whitener,  looking for natural white rice.

    For emergencies, take turmeric for the thumb, put in a bag or pocket if any - time one meal or sore stomach after eating something, immediately peel and eat turmeric directly so fast stomach soreness subsides.


  1. nice information om, very useful for those who have chronic ulcer :)