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  Wine is a fruit that has a sweet taste and liked a lot of people, the content of which is therein covers energy, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins, protein, sodium and much more. This fruit has a high fiber content helps digestion and relieving constipation, it is advisable to consume a lot of fruits

   For readers who want to consume fruit - fruit on a regular basis and do not spend a lot of money, then optimize the yard was at home both on the home front, side or back of cultivating fruits other than the fruit can be taken as a decoration or protective home. Here I would like to how to grow grapes in the yard.
    To plant vines in the yard of the house prepare material - material include: hoe / sickle, compost, grape seedlings from cuttings, wire, water and soil or growing media that pot.

Make a hole in the ground in the yard with a diameter of 20-25 cm, and a depth of 30 cm, then input into a hole 10 cm compost. and give anti-pest (Furadan 3 G) and then give water to wet the seeds evenly and then input into the hole and grape cuttings compost input and ground and stepped on so tightly, then flush with water until evenly moist. For the next pair of wires for plant propagation, the wire connected to the propagation above.

    The next treatment is the provision of water / irrigation, morning and afternoon, fertilization using compost  , for the growth of chemical fertilizer use, ZA 10 grams per 1-week cultivation. Weeding is done when the weeds begin to grow and routinely performed 1 week.
    Primary stem cutting is done when the vines age of 1 year, cutting aims to stop the growth of the main stem, in order to grow secondary trunks and branches grow - twigs and flowers grow at the same wine. Sprouted after grape flowers should be cut so that flowers can be a fruit and not to be stunted.
    If the grapes are already the size of marbles then do thinning / selection of fruit, fruit that is unhealthy and too small uniform pieces so that the grapes. Then wrap the grapes with a transparent plastic bag that is not attacked by fruit flies. Do the harvest, when the fruit was ripe by cut stalk pieces using a knife or scissors.

 The grapes are ripe and ready to be picked.

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